Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The world can be a strange, mundane, silent, overwhelming, exciting, colorful, fast paced, kicked back, confusing, brilliant, array of sounds and thoughts and things and people and animals. Objects and sight, sound and texture, emotions and ways, wisdom and knowledge infinitely made known.

Monday, September 14, 2009


New Jersy...Trinton...Atlantic City...Chester and all its inhabitants. 'Chesters' I think they're called. Trinton jazz, pizza, passin' thru the ghetto, coffee and bananas.

Belize, papaya and rice, chicken feet, swamps, a big mango tree.

Mountians and lakes more lakes and more mountians. All so hig, Tall, so high. Looking down, smally so tiny, big so high.. Guatemala.

The beaches in Cancun. beach beach and more beach after more beaches. Crystal waters, snorkeling found 50 pesos, just lost 50 pesos.

Boardwalk, stars, playboy mansion, famous bmx guy, spider man batman, get me out of hollywood.


Bali, bali scary, noisy, ghosts (boycott Bali (; ) rice paddies...very nice... Thinks waits goes.

Downtown Trinton:

It's as if I had stepped aside to allow the opprotunity meet 'Randy'-

Randys a jazz musician. A woodwind specialist that lives in the most undesirable/boarded up, gang hopping neighboorhood this side of the Panama Canal. I tell myself 'going to his house to meet him will be fine.'...