Friday, May 15, 2009

Saya Bahasa Indonesia

"Here" means the same thing as "left" (kiri)

That, that one, them, and those all are translated as "itu"

There are no words for introspection, devotion, courtesy, nor ironically... ignorance

"Clean" and "sanitary" mean the exact same thing. The meat I was served that was sitting out for 4 days was "clean", but not "clean" enough to give me a break from the commode for the following 4 days.

The word Sun literally translated means "day killer" (matahari) What? I wish somebody would explain "itu" (that one).

The word for hospital means "sick room" (rumah sakit)

The word for pain means the same thing as "sick" or "sore" or "ache" (sakit) So maybe hospital really means "room of all of the above". Who knows.

The word for "lighter" is the same for "matches" (korek) NO way on earth to ask for one or the other without a small game of charades.

The word for dookie literally translated means big water. (air besar) Now that makes since after the "clean" meat I ate.

Beer is "bir" but tastes like piss (pipis) which gives a bad hangover after just two...and hangover is "mabok" which also means "drunk" as the Indonesian "Bir Bintang" (Star Beer) was voted the worst in the world and I second that.

The worst insult you can give somebody is "rupamu" which means your face

The word for "parent" means "old person" (orang tua) and "Orangutan" is an Orangutan which means "jungle person".

Now if anybody asks me ever again why I don't want to learn Indonesian, I will refer them to this webpage.


  1. This was so interesting and so funny! But isn't language fascinating?

    Now I understand itu better. I thought it meant "is" because my fav phrase that I learned there was "Anak laki laki itu melompat."

    I thought calling someone a dog was the worse thing?

    Also, I learned the other day that in Hebrew there is no word for retirement.

    Anyway, very interesting!

  2. I always thought calling someone a dog (anging) was the worst, then not too long ago I asked someone is there anything worse than calling someone a dog and he said "rupamu" which is actualy Jawa, a dialect of eastern Indonesia.

  3. Introspeksi is the Indonesian word for introspection.