Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The world can be a strange, mundane, silent, overwhelming, exciting, colorful, fast paced, kicked back, confusing, brilliant, array of sounds and thoughts and things and people and animals. Objects and sight, sound and texture, emotions and ways, wisdom and knowledge infinitely made known.

Monday, September 14, 2009


New Jersy...Trinton...Atlantic City...Chester and all its inhabitants. 'Chesters' I think they're called. Trinton jazz, pizza, passin' thru the ghetto, coffee and bananas.

Belize, papaya and rice, chicken feet, swamps, a big mango tree.

Mountians and lakes more lakes and more mountians. All so hig, Tall, so high. Looking down, smally so tiny, big so high.. Guatemala.

The beaches in Cancun. beach beach and more beach after more beaches. Crystal waters, snorkeling found 50 pesos, just lost 50 pesos.

Boardwalk, stars, playboy mansion, famous bmx guy, spider man batman, get me out of hollywood.


Bali, bali scary, noisy, ghosts (boycott Bali (; ) rice paddies...very nice... Thinks waits goes.

Downtown Trinton:

It's as if I had stepped aside to allow the opprotunity meet 'Randy'-

Randys a jazz musician. A woodwind specialist that lives in the most undesirable/boarded up, gang hopping neighboorhood this side of the Panama Canal. I tell myself 'going to his house to meet him will be fine.'...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Saya Bahasa Indonesia

"Here" means the same thing as "left" (kiri)

That, that one, them, and those all are translated as "itu"

There are no words for introspection, devotion, courtesy, nor ironically... ignorance

"Clean" and "sanitary" mean the exact same thing. The meat I was served that was sitting out for 4 days was "clean", but not "clean" enough to give me a break from the commode for the following 4 days.

The word Sun literally translated means "day killer" (matahari) What? I wish somebody would explain "itu" (that one).

The word for hospital means "sick room" (rumah sakit)

The word for pain means the same thing as "sick" or "sore" or "ache" (sakit) So maybe hospital really means "room of all of the above". Who knows.

The word for "lighter" is the same for "matches" (korek) NO way on earth to ask for one or the other without a small game of charades.

The word for dookie literally translated means big water. (air besar) Now that makes since after the "clean" meat I ate.

Beer is "bir" but tastes like piss (pipis) which gives a bad hangover after just two...and hangover is "mabok" which also means "drunk" as the Indonesian "Bir Bintang" (Star Beer) was voted the worst in the world and I second that.

The worst insult you can give somebody is "rupamu" which means your face

The word for "parent" means "old person" (orang tua) and "Orangutan" is an Orangutan which means "jungle person".

Now if anybody asks me ever again why I don't want to learn Indonesian, I will refer them to this webpage.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hot Diggity Dog! I'm Going to B-A-N-U-Y-W-A-N-Gee- I- Love You...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Poker for Thought

Things I thought today: (in order of appearance)

Why is that mosque so loud? I can't wait to leave Indo.

Dang, I wish I hadn't bluffed at that flush... the guy was too easy...shoulda been more patient...do I need another coffee?

Cool, green light, I'm late...

What were my odds in the set w/ an open ender hand...I need to check that when I get back home...60% or 70%...not sure...I wanna check that.

These kids are way too loud...I'm gonna yell at them about as loud as I can...Haha...look at their faces.

Sure is alot of smog today...what a shame...such a beautiful land.

Maybe I shouldn't have scolded my assistant. She's nice, but weired...seems like she's use to it...I'm gonna be nicer to her...

Am I hungry? Nah, beer'd be nice though...ain't had a beer in over a week seems, that'll hit the spot.

A thousand confirmed cases of this swine flu...is that one in 10 million or 100 million...?

I wonder how much this grape fruit cost...it's pretty big

That was a sweet hand this morning with the AA and those 2 other players all in pre-flop, glad I re-buyed.

Why are Bandung people so dumb...Is it just me...nope...they really are almost retarded. Look at that guy...

I haven't had a lucid dream in a long time...wonder why not

Episode 10 of HSP is on poker tube today...sweet!

Arggg...stupid Internet connection...stupid Indonesia...guess I'll have to wait till morning to watch that.

Man, I think my last two blogs kinda suck...I'm gonna delete those. I should write more though...maybe at least a little something each day.

May 4th, May 4th...Just a little over a month till summer vacation!...Today? What did I do today?...not much...what did I think about today?...can I blog about what I think...?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Day in Bandung

4:10 am Mosques start blaring

4:45 am Mosques stop blaring

4:55 am Mosques start blaring

5:45 am Mosques stop blaring

6:30 am Time to go to work

12:30 pm Time to go home

1:15 pm Mosques start blaring

1:30 pm Lunch time

1:50 pm Mosques stop blaring

3:00 pm Mosques start blaring

3:35 pm Mosques stop blaring

5:00 pm Mosques start blaring

7:00 pm Mosques continue blaring

8:30 pm Time to put in earplugs

8:35pm Time to go to sleep

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Sounds and noise, man as man

Failing pieces, sings in shame

Dead at day, dead at night

What he wants, he won't

Beyond my sight, in my reach

In my hands and on my lips

All around, all around

My blessed Savior who gives me sounds

Notes of joy, peace, and thankfulness

Light of kindness, gentleness, and strength

Fear of One, and love for all

Unless He guides, inevitably I fall

I receive only from Him,

Things that are good and worthy of his Name

All else I cast aside, holding on...

And on I hold